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Eastland Attractions

Opape, Torere, Hawai Bay - Opape Beach has rocky inlets for fishing and snorkelling. Torere is ideal for a picnic and fishing. Hawai Bay is also good for fishing and there is a general store.

Omaio, Te Kaha, Whanarua Bay - Omaio has a shingle surf beach. There are picnic and camping spots, takeaways and groceries. Te Kaha offers stunning bays and lots of amenities. Whanarua Bay, as well as having beautiful beaches, has bush walks with glow-worms!

Raukokore, Waihau Bay - Raukokore has a headland with a precariously perched Anglican Church built in 1894. Waihau Bay has rocky drop offs for snorkelling, a boating club and jetty.

Lottin Point - The northernmost tip of East Cape has excellent deepwater fishing, perfect for snorkelling and fishing. There is a motel here if you want to stay and see more of this remote point.

Hicks Bay - A great place with many activities for visitors. Go horse trekking, or hiking to see the giant puriri trees, go deep-sea fishing. Or just relax and take in the quaint nostalgia of the old wooden wharf and historic buildings.

Te Araroa, East Cape Lighthouse - There is a lot of Maori history around Te Araroa, plus the largest pohutukawa tree in New Zealand – over 600 years old! Take the unsealed road from Te Araroa to the East Cape Lighthouse. It stands 154m above sea level, and illuminates the easternmost point of New Zealand.

Tikitiki - Nestled on the banks of the Waiapu River, Tikitiki is a small settlement, which has one of the most beautifully ornate Maori churches in New Zealand, St Mary’s Church.

Rangitukia - Even though it is remote, Rangitukia offers much for the adventurous. Go hunting and hiking with a guide. See Mt Hikurangi and the sunrise.

Ruatoria - Ruatoria descends off SH35 into the fertile Waiapu Valley. From here, all roads lead to the coast and some beautifully remote beaches.

Waipiro Bay, Te Puia Springs - A short detour from SH35 will lead to the awesome Waipiro Bay, with its derelict ruins still telling about its rich history as the busiest town on the cape. There is a freshwater lake at Te Puia, and thermal springs with hot pools to enjoy.

Tokomaru Bay - Tokomaru Bay’s Maori culture is evident with four active marae, and a strong arts and crafts influence. The bay offers great fishing and swimming when calm. There are lots of amenities here.

Anaura Bay - A magnificent beach wraps around sheltered Anaura Bay. This was Captain Cook's second landing place in New Zealand, there is a plaque commemorating the spot.

Tolaga Bay - Tolaga Bay has a good beach for swimming, fishing and picnics. There is a golf course and all kinds of amenities in the busy town. Tolaga Bay is renowned for its fine cashmere knitwear.

Wainui Beach - This is a popular beach with surfers. So close to Gisborne yet still with a remote country feeling. Take the scenic walk over the headland, or go horse trekking.

Makaraka - Makaraka has a racecourse surrounded by hotels, motels and amenities, in a quaint country-style setting.

Muriwai - Muriwai is a fruit-producing area on the East Cape renowned for its rich soils and excellent climate.

Waioeka Gorge Scenic Reserve – take the Tauranga Track (2-3 hours), Mangapumarumaru Track (4 hours) or Manganuku Track (2.5-4 hours). The area has numerous historic sites including two bridges at Manganuku and Tauranga Valley.

Whinray Scenic Reserve runs down to a spectacular set of waterfalls on the Motu River. The reserve contains ancient trees and has abundant birdlife. The reserve car park is 5km past the township of Motu on Motu Falls Road.

Motu River. The Motu was the first river in New Zealand to be totally protected by a conservation order. You can picnic beside the river delta or go horse trekking.

Hicks Bay has numerous historic pa (fort) sites, some with excavated fortifications.

Haupara Point leads to excellent rock and underwater fishing.

East Cape Lighthouse that stands 154 metres above sea level.

Maori church at Tikitiki, one of the most beautifully carved churches in New Zealand. The church is one of the first initiatives to revive Maori art and carving traditions and has an Historic Places Trust A-Grade classification

New Zealand’s longest pier (660 metres) at Tolaga Bay. Bring your camera and fishing gear.

Whangara, the location of Niki Caro's acclaimed film, Whale Rider. Whangara retains a strong Maori character and heritage. Permission is required before visiting the marae.

Tapui, on Taurau Valley Road near Gisborne, was a large fortified pa and is of particular historic interest because of very deep ditches, high embankments and the fact that it was a river pa. These early Maori earthworks can be easily viewed from the road, as they are on private land.

Gisborne's Kaiti Beach is the site of Captain Cook’s first landing in New Zealand (9 October 1769).

Mount Hikurangi is the first point on mainland New Zealand to see the sunrise each day. A walkway up the mountain begins at Tapuaeroa Valley Road, 30 minutes from Ruatoria. There is a hikers’ hut on the higher reaches of the mountain. This walkway can be closed for up to 50 days per year, so check with the Department of Conservation office first.