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Cape Reinga


Distance: 35 km
· Time: 4 days
· Grade: Easy / Moderate
· Higest point: 285 m
· Island: North
· Location: Northland

Day One: ~10 km, 4 hrs

follow Ninety Mile Beach to its end, about 2km more. The next portion you climb into a coastal hill, following the stairs up, and their are small posts marking the trail. Follow on the hill for about 2km, then back down toTwilight Beach. Continue along the beach, till its end.

From here you will tramp over some rolling hills down towards the old lighthouse, which is about an 1 1/2 hours return from the trail, branching off before you round Herangi Hill .Continuing on, you will pass behind Herangi Hill, and then drop down to a small stream, which is a good water source, and where I camped the first night.

Day Two: ~15km, 6 hrs

Day two - Departing in the morning, you will cross a few km of beach, and then hike up the hill to the lighthouse. There is water and restrooms at the lighthouse.

From the lighthouse area, descend steeply to Sandy Bay. It is a very small beach, about 30m wide, in a little inlet, with hills rising above it on both sides.

Continuing on, you will climb back into the hills for another 1.5km. Here the trail was pretty overgrown, and also quite steep . Descend to the Tapotupotu campground. Past the campground, you cross a stream, and head back up the hills. This portion climbs steeply into the hills. After a while, you will reach the summit, and then descend on to a road as you go along a ridge for about 2km. hike almost back in the same direction, and on down towards Pandora.

Day Three: ~9km, 2.5hrs

just walk to Spirits bay.


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