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Cedar Flats


· Distance: 17 km
· Time: 2 Days
· Grade: Easy / Medium
· Higest point: 480 m
· Island: South
· Location: West Coast

The track begins at the end of the road by the Toaroha River. Its a bit of hunt for the orange marker indicating the start of the track. Keep left of the river and head upwards until you see a gate.

The first part of the track is part of an old tramway which you need to follow for 2.5km/1 hr. It meanders along the Toaroha river climbing unrelenting above bluffs. The descent to the river provides beautiful views and photo opportunities.

The next leg involves boulder hopping for 1.5km/1 hr by the river, crossing 2 sidecreeks and arriving at Macmillan Creek. The next 350m or 2km/1.5 hrs you will follow a pack-track which climbs continually to a spur. From here, the track to Cedar Flats is mostly level for the next 2km/1hr. A long, swingbridge will take you across the Toaroha Gorge/River.

There are 2 huts here. One is an old, rustic job with an open fire-place. The other, a bit more modern with a closed stove fire.

A short, side trip will take you to the hot pools. Cross back over the swingbridge, to the east bank of the river. Following the rock cairns up Wren Creek will take you about 15mins or 500m.

take a short walk down to Wren Creek. .


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